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How to activate an eSIM on your iPhone | Apple Support


Published: 2024-03-12 11:06:36 | Updated:

Install an eSIM on iPhone Manually (Quick & Easy Guide)

Install an eSIM on iPhone Manually (Quick & Easy Guide)

Thinking of using an eSIM on your iPhone by using the QR code scan? No problem! Here's a step-by-step guide to installing an eSIM profile manually:

What you'll need is your iPhone

(make sure it supports eSIM & device is unlocked)

There are 3 ways to check if your device is compatible

  1. check the list here :
  2. dial the number *#06# and press call (if the iPhone display an EID number) it's eSIM compatible
  3. the best way is to download our UPeSIM application, the application will display you a message after registration if your device is not compatible with eSIM, to download the appย click here

The eSIM QR Code and activation code

(provided by UPeSIM per email)

  • The eSIM QR Code
  • The Activation Code

The activation code is a unique string of characters that links your iPhone to the eSIM profile. It often comes alongside a QR code, but you can enter it manually too. Here's an example of what the code might look like:

Example :

  • SMDP =
  • CODE = XXEC5D8D9CD2505965FF279EFE1E48XX

Now let's Install the eSIM

1 - Open Settings on your iPhone How to install an eSIM with an iPhone

2 - Tap on Mobile or Cellular or Mobile Data

(depending on your iPhone model).

3 - In the SIMs section, tap on:

Add eSIM or Add Cellular Plan.

add eSIM iPhone
eSIM QR Code

4 - Choose Use QR Code

5 - You can use 3 options to install the SIM

  • Scan QR code with the camera
  • Open Photos if you add the QR Code on your photo roll
  • Enter Manually copy SMDP & activation code

Scan the eSIM QR code

6 - click on Continue to install the eSIM

7 - Set your "country line" as Default Line

  • This line will be used if you want to receive SMS
  • Please note that outgoing/incoming call and outgoing SMS are charged as roaming by your home country provider / operator.
  • We recommend to disable the roaming on your home country line.

8 - Set your "country line" as Line for :

  • iMessage
  • FaceTime

9 - Set your eSIM line for Mobile Data :

  • In this example we set the eSIM line with the name "Secondary"
  • Remember to disable the option "Allow Mobile Data Switching"

10 - Set the eSIM line forย Mobile Data :

  • On the top of the screen
  • The eSIM line Secondary will be used forย Mobile Data

11 - Check the eSIM configurationย :

  1. Turn on this Line = To ON (if you want to use it now)
  2. Network Selection = Check if you are connected to the right Network
  3. Data Roaming = To ON (only with the eSIM UPeSIM)

Congratulations! You've successfully installed your eSIM profile manually on your iPhone.