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How does UPeSIM work?


Published: 2022-12-17 22:19:33 | Updated:

The UPeSIM eSIM card allows you to access the internet on your smartphone anywhere in the world at a very advantageous price.

For travelers who need data abroad, a new solution is now available:UPeSIM eSIM cards.

New smartphones with the eSIM function now make it easy to subscribe to a local plan to access internet data, which avoids the roaming charges imposed by operators.

UPeSIM offers 2 types of eSIM cards:

  • Local UPeSIM eSIM cards
  • Regional UPeSIM eSIM cards

The local UPeSIM eSIM card is the most commonly used solution for data when traveling to another country. UPeSIM offers plans in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

Here is an example of the rates for UPeSIM eSIM plans offered by virtual operators T Mobile and AT&T for the United States.

  • eSIM USAΒ - 1GB / 7Β daysΒ - 4,99€
  • eSIM USAΒ - 6GB / 10 days - 14,99€

It is important to carefully consider your choice of UPeSIM eSIM card, taking into account the duration of your trip and the amount of data you will need, in order to select the most appropriate solution.

The regional UPeSIM eSIM card is for travelers visiting several different countries. For example, if you are planning to visit Laos, Thailand, and South Korea, it may be more advantageous to choose a regional UPeSIM eSIM rather than a local UPeSIM eSIM.

To get a UPeSIM eSIM card, simply download the UPeSIM app on yourΒ Android orΒ iPhone smartphone. You can then select your destination and plan, and the UPeSIM eSIM will be installed directly from the app. All you have to do is activate it on your phone to use it.

UPeSIM accepts payments with Mastercard and Visa credit cards, Apple Pay and PayPal.


The UPeSIM eSIM card is a convenient solution for travelers who need data on their smartphone or other devices when abroad. It allows you to quickly equip yourself once you arrive on site, without having to buy a local SIM card in a language you may not be familiar with.