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Best eSIMs for Spain


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Are you planning your next trip to Spain? In that case, getting mobile services in the country should be on top of your to-get list. Remember that enjoying your trip is not only about having an appropriate accommodation or visiting the best attractions. It is also about being connected with your friends and family at home, sharing all those exciting moments of your trip with them.

That is why staying connected abroad is so important. You may have heard about roaming, which is a good but too expensive way of getting mobile services. You do not need to worry, here we are going to recommend you something much better.

Buying an eSIM to use in Spain will save you money and will also make things easy for you because you can purchase it at home, and then activate it once you land in the country.

Let's have a look at the offers for Spain:


eSIMs For Europe


UPeSIM offers great eSIM choices for people that want to travel anywhere around the world. They have global plans for America, Asia, Europe, Africa, and Oceania. Besides, they provide data plans for several countries in each continent.

If you are traveling to Europe, a good idea is to buy the global eSIM for Europe, which you can use in 27 countries, including Spain. You will be connected during your whole trip without having to change your eSIM.

Let’s see the details:

Europe eSIM 5 GB – €14.99

·      Data: 5 GB (4G LTE Speed)

·      Validity: 30 days

·      Coverage: 27 countries

Buy your data eSIM for Europe

eSIMs For Spain



Staying connected all the time has become a necessity, not only for leisure but also for work. For sure, you will need to check your email and social media while you are traveling. UPeSIM offers a solution, which is the only data eSIM for Spain.

With this eSIM, you will be able to connect to the internet for a month, without having to pay expensive roaming charges.

On their website, you will find a list of smartphones that are compatible with eSIMs, so you make sure that the eSIM can run on your device.

Check out the details about this eSIM:

Spain eSIM 5 GB – €11.99

·      Data: 5 GB (4G LTE Speed) with Telefonica

·      Validity: 30 days

Buy your eSIM for Spain



La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

First, on the list, one place you cannot miss if you are traveling to Spain is La Sagrada Familia. It is a massive cathedral designed by the famous architect Antoni Gaudí. The building is unfinished, however, it is said that it will be completed by 2026.

This place can be visited free during the festivities of La Mercè in September. Also children under 11 and people with a disability of 65% or more. The tickets prices are the following:

·      For online ticket purchases,

·      Adults: 20€

·      Students, pensioners, children, and Youth cardholders: 18€

·      Seniors: 16€

Royal Palace (Palacio Real), Madrid


This place located in Madrid is the official residence of the Spanish royal family. Inside, there are over 3000 rooms beautifully designed and decorated. Outside, the gardens that surround the palace are stunning and worth seeing. For sure, it is a place that you cannot miss if you travel to Madrid.

The prices to enter are the following:

·      General Ticket: 10 €.

·      Travel Agency: 8 €.

·      Large families, children aged between 5 and 16, pensioners, students under 25: 5 €.

·      Free entry: children under 5 years old. Disabled and unemployed persons.

You can also pay for a guided tour (4 euros the hour), where you will learn much more about the history of the palace. Make sure that you are paying for the English tour in case you do not speak Spanish.

Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, Valencia

This is one of the main landmarks of Valencia. It is a complex that houses several futuristic structures, such as an interactive museum of science, an IMAX Cinema, a planetarium, an opera house and performing arts center, and the largest oceanographic aquarium in Europe. For sure, a place you must visit if you are a science enthusiast.

These are the prices:

·      Oceanographic aquarium: 31.90 €

·      Science Museum: 8 €



Does the eSIM work as a normal SIM card?

It has the same functions. It lets you connect to a network and use the standard services (data, calls, and messages).

How can I know if my cell phone is compatible?

UPeSIM offers a list of compatible phones on their website.

Does UPeSIM offer eSIMs for other countries?

Yes, it has offers for countries all around the world.