Management of cookies and other site data

We collect data when you visit our websites and use our services to help us collect usage and effectiveness statistics, personalize your experience, adapt our interactions with you, and improve our products. and services. We do this through a variety of technologies, including scripts, tags, shared local objects (flash cookies), local storage tags (HTML), and cookies.

A cookie is a piece of information that a website can send to your browser, which will then be stored in your computer as a label that identifies your computer. Although cookies are often used only to measure usage (such as the number and duration of visits) and the effectiveness of websites, and facilitate navigation or use, and as such they are not not associated with personal data, they are also sometimes used to personalize the experience of a website by a known visitor by being associated with the profile data or the user's preferences. Over time, this data provides valuable information that makes it easier to improve the user experience.

Cookies are generally categorized as "session cookie" or "persistent cookie". Session cookies make it easy to navigate the website, keep track of your progress from page to page, so you do not need the data you have already submitted during this visit or the data needed to complete a transaction. . Session cookies are stored in temporary memory and deleted when the internet browser closes. On the other hand, persistent cookies store the user's preferences during this and subsequent visits. They are written to your device's hard drive and remain valid when you restart your browser. We use persistent cookies, for example, to record your choice of language and your location.

When you visit our websites or our online services, you have the option to indicate your preference for cookies and other similar site data, using the options that are offered by your browser or MySim. If a cookie manager has been set up by MySim, it will show up on your first quick check of our website. Using cookie preferences does not remove cookies already in place on your device. You can change your cookie settings at any time on your internet browser or on your device, including the removal of cookies already in place on your device, (usually under "Settings" or "Preferences"). However, we remind you that if you set your web browser or device to disable cookies, some of our services may not work properly.

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